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My First Post:

The process of setting up my website has been both fascinating and intimidating. Learning about how much creativity is involved with designing websites and their layout has gotten me very excited for the future.

I am, however, worried about whether I will be able to take full advantage of the many tools that I’m able to use to customize my site due to my own personal lack of creativity at times. I hope that as I spend more time experimenting with my site, that I’ll find my own style that works well with what I plan on doing with it.

I want my website to contain all of the haircuts that I do on myself from this point onward. Each post would include an image or video of the cut that I did, accompanied with text about the process of it and what I have learned from that particular cut.

This would be a good way for me to keep track of all of the tips that I come up with for myself. With all of my haircuts stored on this website, I believe I would be more motivated to learn and perform even more haircuts so that I can fill up my website with more content. Its also cool to just have all of my waves-related pictures stored in one place that I can always go back to and be proud of viewing.

I was also thinking about uploading tutorial videos of me cutting my hair. Here is an example of the type of videos I might put start making for the site:

I plan on making one of these videos in the near future for an assignment for another class ( the project is to create something we don’t have much experience in making and I chose a haircut tutorial using iMovie) so you can expect that to arrive on the website very soon.


  1. Hey Justin (Vinika from CT 101 here). You’re first blog post is pretty cool and I think you’ll do great with making your own videos!

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