Assignment #2 – Making our first GIF post!

Welcome To My Post!

Whats Up Hello GIFAfter recently selecting Communications Technology as my major, I was worried about how each of my classes would be like. I wasn’t sure if CT 101 was one of those classes where we would have to slog through a 2-hour lecture or one that actually makes me want to log in and look forward to every time we meet. I bet you can imagine my face and how I was feeling the first time I was introduced to this great class a few weeks ago.

hell yeah dancing GIF by collin

The course description led me to believe that we would spend a lot of time learning how to discuss different topics on the internet or reading many articles that we would have to replicate at some point. I was surprised when hearing more about the course through the syllabus and what’s in store for us this semester.

suprised humbertotan GIF by RTL 4
Me listening to the Professor talk about the class.

Compared to some of my other courses, CT 101 has so far proved to be my favorite. I have been able to express myself more in the past 4 weeks than in the past 2 years I have spent taking any other class. It definitely serves as my breather throughout the week while I try and tackle the huge workload I have from my other courses. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this class and for my own digital expertise to improve even further!

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