Are Memes Art?

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I’ve learned much about memes and GIFs through my interactions on social media and the many other sites that use them. People spend a lot of time creating these images with words attached to them with the hopes of making the viewer laugh or feel a certain way about whatever the image is. Memes have the power to do this and as more people are introduced to them, the sooner the rest of the world is going to realize how memes are developing their own art form.

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Are Memes Art?

Memes are used across many platforms to share ideas and add on to the ever evolving culture within the internet. They definitely are a form of self expression for people, but for others they are something more than that. The meme making process is a hobby for many, and the satisfaction of having someone like/share your meme can equate to an artist watching people in an art gallery admire his painting. It takes time and a lot of experience with memes to think up witty and funny ways to turn a simple picture into an eye grabbing story with just a few words. Just check out the next one down below to see what I mean.

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Making My First Meme

I was nervous trying to figure out what image I was going to use to make my meme. I knew I had to take something and try to relate it to our CT 101 class in some way. Hopefully it came out alright and it makes somebody laugh!




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